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    Had a consignment of vinyl this week, including:

    Portron Portron Lopez - Ice Cream Soufi (Dinked edition). As mentioned a few posts ago..and this one just grows and grows...it's available as a 'name your price' download on Bandcamp.
    Son House - Forever On My Mind. A set recorded in the 1960s nicely restored and pressed.
    FIRE! featuring Stephen O'Malley and David Sandström - Requiēs. This one's odd, it's a one-sided LP with a single track and the reverse side is screen printed. Noise Jazz, it's described as.
    Laibach - Wir Sind Das Volk – Ein Musical aus Deutschland (nach Texten von Heiner MŘller) . Rather dubious cover artwork, this seems to be reflecting on concepts of 'the people', especially in a political context.
    Elektro Nova - Electro Nova - drone noisescapes fashioned by a Norwegian guy while studying photography in the UK, later he became a professional racing cyclist. Which is one of the oddest back stories.

    I've noticed download codes with LPs are getting a bit rarer, only two of these had digital downloads available.

    Home: Raspberry Pi 4/pCP7.0/LMS8.1.2/Material with files on QNAP TS-251A
    Touch > DacMagic 100 > Naim Audio Nait 3 > Mission 752 (plus Rega Planar 3 > Rega Fono Mini; Naim CD3)
    2 x Squeezebox Radios, 1 X Squeezebox 3 (retired), 1 x SqueezeAMP
    Office: LMS8.0.0 running on Raspberry Pi3; Raspberry Pi 3 player with touchscreen/piCorePlayer/IQaudIO DAC and Amp
    Portable: Raspberry Pi 3B/pCP7.0.1/LMS8.1.2/Material, files on Seagate portable drive, powered via power brick

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    Currently working, so listening to LoFi girl.

    I swear there's something to LoFi that makes me feel "yep, today is gonna be a good day".

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    We have a bit of a heatwave in UK today and next few days so Iĺm listening in my garden.

    ♪ I'm listening to Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach, What's Her Name Today? from Painted From Memory

    IPeng on iPhone connected by USB to Libratone Zipp

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    VB2.4 storage QNAP TS419p (NFS)
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    Office Joggler & Pi3 -> Denon RCD N8 -> Celestion F10s
    Dining Room SB Radio
    Bedroom (Bedside) Pi Zero+DAC ->ToppingTP21 ->AKG Headphones
    Bedroom (TV) & Bathroom SB Touch ->Denon AVR ->Mordaunt Short M10s + Kef ceiling speakers
    Guest Room Joggler > Topping Amp -> Wharfedale Modus Cubes

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    Senza Una Donna

    Original by Zucchero and duet with Paul Young.

    Sublime pop - how times have changed...
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    Television - Marquee Moon. It only took me 45 years to get around to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by slartibartfast View Post
    Television - Marquee Moon. It only took me 45 years to get around to it

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    Great album. I have it, and also have not dusted it off in quite some time. I just looked and found I also have "Television" I did not remember that. I think I'll find out what that sounds like!


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