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    Elton John & Leon Russell - "The Union"

    I loved this album when it first came out. But I had to turn a 'deaf ear', so to speak, to the mix, which lacks sparkle at the top. I do like sparkle :-) In fact, I'd never felt inclined to revisit the album, solely because of the sound. So I decided to do something about it! Audiophiles look away now.

    I fired up Audacity. Some extreme EQ on the whole-album flac (just to maximise what top end there is), followed by amplification to compensate.

    I was only messing, to see what was possible, but as a proof of concept I'm quite pleased. First impressions - way better than the original! I may have overdone it though - it's maybe a touch 'sibilant', but I'd have that over 'muddy' any day. If I'm going to make this permanent I should probably pay attention to bit depth and the order of effects, and maybe go less extreme with the EQ....
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    Jazz Classics on WABE, Atlanta

    H. Johnson has been presenting Jazz Classics on Saturday nights since 1978. His show is a blast from the past. There's not much here for those who are mainly interested in avant garde, cutting-edge music. He never strays far from conventional notions of melody, preferring jazz that either has roots in blues or builds on the so-called Great American Songbook. Within those limitations, he covers a lot of ground and knows his material. He also has a special fondness for the pianist Errol Garner, so you can expect to hear from him multiple times on each show.

    H's on-air style is loose and improvisational. He may decide to sing along with a track, or repeat the middle of one that just ended. He plays mostly vinyl and he's a master of the needle drop. He's entertaining in his own right, but that doesn't often get in the way of the music.

    WABE no longer publishes direct links to its streams, but a Tune In search for WABE should find it at the top of the list of results. (Just WABE, not WABE Classical or WABE News.)

    H. (it stands for Herman) Johnson was one of the people who inspired me to get into public radio, some 35 years ago. Now I've had a career, I'm retired, and he's still at it!


    Jazz Classics, 8 pm Saturday to 2 am Sunday (US Eastern time: currently GMT-4)

    He also does Blues Classics 11 pm Friday to 3 am Saturday.

    Edit: I probably should add that the stream is only available as 96Kbps MP3. I wish it were better, but it still sounds better than it did, back when I listened OTA and had to use an amplified FM antenna to get an adquate signal.
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    A couple of things arrived this week. Firstly a 5 LP (also available on CD) set of the works of Peter Laughner. Laughner was a key figure in the development of the Cleveland underground music scene - he was an early member of Rocket From The Tombs and Pere Ubu, though he died young at 24 from pancreatitis brought on by drug and alcohol abuse. There's a rather nice hardback book that includes some writing on rock music of the early 70s. I have to say he seems to have been more an appreciator and interpreter of other peoples songs (he was a massive Lou Reed/Velvet Underground fan), and I do feel the bands that followed went well beyond the conventions of rock music of the time - Pere Ubu, for example. He comes across as a massive enthusiast for the changing rock music of the late 60s to mid 70s. A very nicely produced set for the obsessive, or those interested in the period.

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    Secondly, a new double LP from F÷llakzoid, a Chilean psych group. Four tracks of immersive instrumentals. Brilliant for those that like this sort of thing, but maybe a bit specialist. Bizarrely, it's entitled "I" - it is their fourth album. Not sure how well the sleeve will show up in the jpg below!

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