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    Playing Radio Waves by Roger Waters from Radio K.A.O.S. (1987)

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    Caught this on Paul Webster's Cro Jazz plugin. Sort of like a better looking, modern day Ian Anderson from Outer Space.
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    Angel's Arcana - The Reveries Of Solitude
    For sure they don't deny some origin of style. On the last album a song was even called Fields Of The...
    Not the real Carl McCoy but he tries. Since FOTN became silent for to long now this is very welcome.

    tip: https://swissdarknights.bandcamp.com...racy-of-angels

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    Saw Mike Dawes on Rick Beato's Youtube channel and I am addicted. Just listening to his version of Van Halen's Jump https://mikedawes.bandcamp.com/track/jump
    Incredible fingerstyle playing which emulates the guitar, bass and drums magically and in a beautiful way
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    The arrival of a new iPad meant an offer of 3 months trial of Apple TV+, and we watched the Velvet Underground documentary that has been pretty widely trailed.

    I was really rather impressed, it worked well to set the band in the New York art world and illustrated their origins pretty well. Raced through the third and fourth albums quite quickly. Some good stuff on LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela, Tony Conrad et al, but I never noticed a mention of Angus MacLise.

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