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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Bob View Post
    Suicide - Surrender. This is a newly released compilation by the proto-synth-punk band Suicide, featuring 16 tracks from throughout their career over two LPs, CD, streaming. Suicide had a really tough time with audiences back in the 1970s (e.g. being bottled on stage supporting The Clash; the famous recoding of them being forced off stage by an irate Belgian audience). I bought their first LP back in about 1978, being intrigued by a review in a HiFi magazine to the effect that "only a poseur could claim to like this"!

    Over the years, I have bought most if not all of Suicide's output, so there's little on this magnificent looking compilation that I don't already have, just unreleased versions of two tracks, so I'm unlikely to buy it. But as an introduction to Suicide this would be unparalleled.

    Suicide's music veers from the aggressive to to the tender. Dream Baby Dream soundtracks a perfume advert on TV now! How things change from those early reviews...
    Springsteen also covered Dream Baby Dream.

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    I tend to do deep dives, I can get stuck focusing on an artist for weeks. This time it's 10cc.

    I have always loved this band, very underrated/misunderstood/forgotten, but recently when I had Tidal, I played the 5 disk "Tenology" and quickly went out and added a couple CD's complete the first four (with Godley and Creme) and the first Goldman and Stewart only offering Deceptive Bends. Love them all, but Sheet Music gets played the most.

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    No front man, four song writers, four excellent vocalists with outstanding harmonies, four multi instrumentalists. Then the writing, the creative side (Godley and Creme) and the more pop side (Stewart and Goldman), splash in some humor, irony, there ya go. Also, with Paul Burgess, they did allot of two percussionist stuff.

    Not allot of you tube videos of the original lineup, but the ones there are great.

    Back in the late late 70's I had a friend that was a guitarist for a local punk, new wave band, and he once told me that 10cc was his favorite band. I thought "I'm not in love" and thought "that's odd", but came to understand what he was hearing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by slartibartfast View Post
    Springsteen also covered Dream Baby Dream.

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    Yep, I have his version on on of the 10" EP series that came out to celebrate one of Alan Vega's birthdays...

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    Mobile Fidelity Eagles Desperado in DSF. Sounds great!
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    Kind of been stuck on this album for the last week. I think I bought the vinyl back in about 1972 and then again when it came out on CD. Two of the tracks keep running through my brain, "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "Beware of Darkness".
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