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another great album with Eno's contribution (surprisingly?)
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I love the "soundscape" (for lack of a better description) he brings to allot of music. Similarly, Daniel Lanois (Emmylou Harris - Wreaking Ball, U2, etc.)

Indeed. His handiwork is on a lot of stuff where you think “Eno? Really?” as well as the obvious where it’s more expected. One of his early twiddles but as sidekick to Steve Lilywhite was the debut album by Ultravox! - that’s the proper one with John Foxx. I’ve always considered it to be a great album from the early punk era albeit it wasn’t really punk it did have the necessary energy.

♪ Playing Satday Night In The City Of The Dead by Ultravox! from Ultravox! (1977) (905kbps VBR • 44.1kHz • FLC)