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    Squeezeslave + Spotify plugin

    Does not work at the moment:
    [[see post 1350 (page 135) of Spotify thread - sorry, can't link, 1st post!]]
    -- later confirmed by Triode to indeed be direct streaming support.

    As per Ralphy's request to Scidd0w, who doesn't seem to have done so already, I'm starting a new thread for the issue.

    I use Squeezeslave on my Mac; the spotify plugin works fine with Softsqueeze and Squeezeplay, but apart from preferring Squeezeslave anyway, neither of those apps allow my mac to sleep as per energy saver settings - Squeezeplay won't even let the display sleep!
    So, if it's possible to get Squeezeslave working with the Spotify plugin, then I would very pleased

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    I posted in the squeezeslave thread!
    It did not know it was explicit nescesarry to create a new one. Especially when there is a dedicated thread for Squeezeslave.

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    I am a fool, and probably deserve to have my hair set on fire.

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    Nah no need.
    Lets just hope Ralphy finds a way to fix this.

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    The spotify plugin expects the player to support direct streams which squeezeslave does not.

    It's not a problem with squeezeslave, it's the fact that squeezeslave was designed to rely on the server to provide all audio content. Most of the other players can connect to an internet stream(s) directly.

    At this point it's highly unlikely that squeezeslave will ever work with the spotify plugin in it's current form. SS is at the point where every change breaks something elsewhere in the code and really needs to be rewritten. With the current state of Logitech's "support" for the SB platform, I'm not willing to invest time to do this.

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    Ack... never mind. Thanks for looking into it though.

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