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    How to install MusicIP on a NAS?

    Hello All,

    I want to use the MusicIP plugin on my SSOTS with the QNAP-TS459

    I have seen the option in SSOTS to install the plugin.
    Next to that I have seen MusicIP in the Plugin session of the Squeezebox Server Settings.

    I am a little confused. Do I need both the options, do they offer the same things or are used next to each other?

    Next to that I am curious if there's an option to uninstall the MUsicPlugin that is installed via SSOTS, as I've had
    serious problems in the past and I do not want to get stuck with my SB by installing a plugin

    Hopefully somebody can help me with my questions. Thanks in advance


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    Error message installation MusicIp

    I try to install the MusicIP Plugin with SSOTS 4.9.1, SBS 7.5.1-30836
    I did not succeed with all the steps. Anybody who can help me out?

    1) Installation of MusicIP did give the following info:
    Installing MusicIP from /share/Public/
    Found /share/Public/MusicMixer_x86_1.8.tgz
    Found extracted binaries
    Copied binaries to destination
    Patched startupscript
    adduser: Only root may add a user or group to the system.
    Created user MIP with home directory under to run MIP
    mkdir: cannot create directory `.MusicMagic': Permission denied
    cp: cannot create regular file `/opt/ssods4/.MusicMagic': Permission denied
    Patched ini file
    /opt/ssods4/libexec/ssods/copy_plugin.sh: line 160: cd: /opt/ssods4/.MusicMagic: No such file or directory
    mkdir: cannot create directory `moods': Permission denied
    Created moods directory in /opt/ssods4/.MusicMagic/moods
    MusicIP is now installed. Please go to Extras and start MusicIP

    2) Then I try to start MusicIp, That did give the following message:
    /opt/ssods4/libexec/ssods/copy_plugin.sh: line 248: /opt/ssods4/etc/init.d/S002MusicIP: Permission denied

    Starting MusicIP

    Please restart SqueezeCenter

    After restarting the same error was given.

    Anybody any ideas how to go further from here?


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