Excellent feedback guys.

I have found that if I type 'flac' instead of just flac in the FLAC DOS box that pops up then the encoding stage does run and produces a flac file but I still get the external extractor error message afterwards. So I must have the correct path to flac.exe. JJZolx, I'll change from 8 to 5 in additional command line options, thanks.

Phil Leigh suggests: -T "artist=%a" -T "title=%t" -T "album=%g" -T "date=%y" -T "tracknumber=%n" -T "genre=%m" -5 %s

Where I have: -V -8 -T "artist=%a" -T "title=%t" -T "album=%g" -T "date=%y" - T "tracknumber=%n" -T "genre=%m" %s

Excuse my ignorance but what does the -V at the beginning of my string refer to; does the position of the -5 or -8 matter and also I have seen some people use %d after %s, what's that for?

Obviously I'd rather not carry on with the time-consuming method I've found works (I've only done 2 CD's so far) so I'll try all your suggestions. I have found that flac frontend will happily send the flac files directly to my NAS. Do you think once I have EAC and flac communicating properly that will solve my 0.99pb5 UNC issue or do the flac files have to go back to the input directory for EAC to chaeck them? If not I'll look up how to map a drive letter - I saw some referrence to using C++ and I'm afraid that's the deep end of the pool for me, I'm just paddling!

Thanks again for all your timely support