thanks pascal... any clue where to find this "null.sys" piece?

On Aug 29, 2004, at 10:33 AM, discuss-request (AT) lists (DOT)
> Richard Dean wrote:
>> I am trying to install the latest (5.2.1) SlimServer on my 500GB
>> LaCie Ethernet Disk (firmware version 3.0.0, 7/28/2004). When I
>> install it and restart, the slimserver seems to hang at the
>> startup... just says "Starting Up..."

> Same problem here, still not able to resolve it (the problem seems to
> be
> that the service isn't installed).
> Perhaps the solution mentioned here will help you:
> query=LaCie+Ethernet+disk+problems&email=&group=gm
> limdevices.general&sort=date
> Pascal