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    last.fm and mysb.com problems

    For a while now, unsure quite how long, I have had problems streaming music from last.fm

    Symptoms: When you start a station via last.fm, the first track gets displayed on the duet, but after 5-10s there is a Connection Timed Out message and no music is ever streamed. Strangely enough, if you leave everything alone at this point, further tracks get reported as they are fetched, but there is never any music streamed and there is no network activity (ttbmeter). I have previously had last.fm working for some time (years).

    Last night I set debug on last.fm and the server.log does indeed reported track stats as it attempts to stream music, but no errors. Perhaps I need to enable more logging somewhere else to try and get a better handle on what is going wrong?
    I've checked my last.fm account and it appears OK, and is setup for UK which is correct. I've re-entered the account information on squeezeserver just in case.

    Whilst experimenting lastnight I discovered that I couldn't connect to mysqueezebox.com either. In fact the menu to switch libraries frequently didn't provide the option. I logged onto my account and ended up deleting my player. None of this helped, however I've just noticed that my player appears to be re-registered there, although to my knowledge I never managed to successfully connect.

    Network diagnostics appear to show full connectivity and good ping times.

    Any ideas/troubleshooting options most welcome. Are the 2 problems connected or not?

    I should add that I have the controller bridged to the receiver and use static IP addresses. I set this up a couple of years ago and it immediately sorted out many of the mysterious problems I was seeing at the time. BBC iPlayer works fine


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    I don't have an answer for you, I can only report that I am not experiencing issues with either problem (Last.fm or MySB connection).
    Yes, the two certainly could be related. If the player or SBS is having connection issues to MySB then all Apps within MySB will have issues.

    Are you using SBS or connecting directly to MySB?
    If using SBS, version? computer type?

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    Thanks for the response Toby. I run 7.5.1 on a fairly old laptop. Thats all it does. I have to say I've always been a bit confused regarding mySB and don't tend to use it however, I thought it not working too might throw some light on the problem.
    I don't have a very good understanding of the connectiviy involved for mySB
    Is the SBC making a connection directly to a server on the mySB network, or does it connect to my laptop running SBS which then makes a further connection to mySB? Or are you implying from your question that both are possible?

    I spent a good deal of time going round in circles last night, but I'm sure at one point, the only way I could see the option to try and connect to mySB.com was when the squeezebox server s/w was shut down on the laptop. At this point it would do its annoying little blip and refuse to do connect..

    From the laptop I can nslookup www.mysqueezebox.com I can ping it and browse to the website. Pretty sure the internet connectivity is OK.

    Is BBC iPlayer connectivity handled by squeezebox server?

    It may be that I am seeing problems when connections are originating from the SBC direct to the internet

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    Basically, if using SBS then SBS "logs into" MySB as a player per se. SBS then shares these streams with your SBS connected players.

    On your SBS laptop, are you running Windows? If yes, launch the SBS Control Panel, go to Diagnostics, what does it report for all ports and IP's?

    Also, which player models are you using? Are you using a router or connecting the player directly to the laptop?

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    Yes running windows. I believe I tried the Control Panel Diags last night, but will check tonight to be certain (away at work at the moment).

    I'm using a duet. The SBC is bridged to the SBR which is ethernet hardwired to the SBS and the SBS has a second NIC that is connected to the router and internet.

    Now I know I set the routing up on the SBR (i.e. default route, but I'm starting to wonder if I may have missed setting the default route on the SBC.

    Tried to add a topology diagram, but it took out all the spaces so was not very clear let have another go:

    SBC(97)-- bridged - SBR (98) --ethernet -- SBS (99) so this is the 192.168.1 network

    SBS(99)-- Router(1) is the 192.168.0 network
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    Just found this post


    which identifies a change in format between 7.3 and 7.4 of the interfaces file on the SBC. Might be that this needs changing on my set up. Will try it and post back

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