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    Inactivity Screensaver only turns off standard windows inactivity timeouts (screen saver, screen off and sleep) - but still allows manual sleep.
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    Play Now icon also shown over album cover (on hover) next to Enqueue button
    Streamline Gallery view html generation (45% saving in initial size : should load faster)
    Minor fix on back navigation.
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    Enqueue (+) icon added to tracks on Artist "by Track" view.
    Add ability to manually stop a folder scan
    Use standard version of taglib-sharp (2.1) via nuget rather than patched version
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    Bugfix: On Light theme +> icons on hover no longer push artist to right
    Shut down local HQPlayer process on exit if Muso started it.
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    Expand hierarchy node on double-click.
    Intercept these windows generic media keyboard commands (see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/librar ... 46275.aspx):
    . APPCOMMAND_BROWSER_HOME - invokes the Home toolbar button
    . APPCOMMAND_BROWSER_REFRESH - invokes the Refresh toolbar button
    . APPCOMMAND_HELP - invokes the Help menu item
    . APPCOMMAND_MEDIA_REWIND - invokes the Rewind (<<) toolbar button
    . APPCOMMAND_MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD - invokes the Forward (>>) toolbar button
    . APPCOMMAND_VOLUME_DOWN - invokes the Volume Down toolbar button
    . APPCOMMAND_VOLUME_UP - invokes the Volume Up toolbar button
    Prevent spurious browser error on clicking Home

    5s delay after starting HQPlayer before trying to open TCP channel, to fix initial handshaking
    When .mp3 or .m4a file pushed to HQPlayer, convert to .aiff before playing
    - Show track being converted (or copied to buffer folder) as pending on the track queue

    Add an option to include Unrated tracks in the track filter:
    - if no min rating also specified this means unrated tracks specifically
    - if min rating is also specified this means unrated tracks AND tracks at that minimum rating
    - if min rating specified and unrated not ticked and this means tracks at that minimum rating only (as before)
    - at album level this means any albums which INCLUDE any tracks that match the above
    - works in filtering & the track wizard function (queue random tracks)
    Track wizard function from hierarchy view applies filters to tracks queued (doesnt just pick any track from an album that qualifies in the selected node)
    Manage Bookmarks window (from Bookmarks menu)
    - can delete, rename & re-order bookmarks as required.
    muso developer

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    Jezbo, it's great that you maintain a log of your dev progress with the project, but I would strongly advice that you collect all this important information in the first post of your thread. As it is now, new and curious users is greeted with an outdated first post saying that Muso now runs on Windows 7, and the post is from 2011.
    The first post in your thread should always contain the latest updates, links and log version history.

    Just a friendly advice. :-)
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    LMS 7.9.1 running in Docker
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    Plex running in Docker

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    Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

    QNAP TS-119 1TB Single, QTS 4.3.3
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    5s delay after starting HQPlayer before trying to open TCP channel, to fix initial handshaking
    When HQPlayer buffer folder present and .mp3 or .m4a file played, convert to .aiff in buffer folder before playing

    Add an option to include Unrated tracks in the track filter:
    Track wizard function from hierarchy view applies filters to tracks queued (doesnt just pick any track from an album that qualifies in the selected node)
    Manage Bookmarks window (from Bookmarks menu)

    Newest Albums toolbar - an option to see the newest albums added to Muso in a persistent toolbar, unaffected by filters, mode or browser view.

    Move Newest Album Toolbar preference from Options screen to main toolbar (easier to toggle on/off as required)
    Albums on Newest Albums toolbar now have album context menu
    Album/Track context menu has album/track name as menu title.

    Show track rating on screen saver
    Basic AIFF tag reading through ATL library (extended tags not covered)
    Album menu option to write dynamic tags & all tags as well as static tags.
    Option to sort albums on artist page by rating.

    "Re-import album folder" underneath "Browse album folder" - even if "Check updated meta-data on Import" pref is off.
    More immediate display of covers for new albums in newset albums toolbar.
    +/- size on new albums toolbar.

    Fix re-import of specific folder following previous cancellation
    Allow extended tags in custom actions to include _ and other non-whitespace characters
    Basic musicbrainz integration
    Read LAST_PLAYED extended tag in folder scan (was missing)
    Remove artwork zoom from now playing icon and album page - come up with something better later?

    Albums sorted by rating: when rating exactly the same rate one with more plays first.
    Re-introduce large cover image on hover over main cover on artist/track page, with support for drag to other app.

    Show last played date/time on track page (in info top right). Also show as tooltip on hover over play count in album or artist page.
    Respect modifier keys on Enqueue Track button on Track page (play NEXT if shift key down, NOW if control key down).
    Player Stop button added to main UI

    Basic playlist control - on LMS and HQPlayer.

    Implement drag&drop on playlist (for those players that support playlist manipulation)
    On re-ordering through arrow buttons ensure focused queue entry stays visible if the list is scrollable.
    Extend support for playlist manipulation to Embedded Player (WMP)

    WMP Embedded - play item from playlist by activation fixed
    Scheduled LMS re-scan preferences (Options/Music Sources/LMS)
    Full LMS re-scan now copies .db files to local folder (when remote) to make scan much faster overall (at the expense of an initial file copy) - new option (defaults to on)
    File scanner and iTunes Import also use background threads: more readily cancellable, and UI remains responsive
    Scanning progress on bottom right of status bar, separate from foreground status on left.

    Re-organised Options screen: scalable layout (category tree on left, scrollable options panel on right) to allow for ever-growing list of options (was getting too tight to fit everything into non-scrolling form).
    Save & reload playlist options
    Clear Playlist option available on all players, behind right-click on playlist header
    Use full cover as source for artwork on remote now playing screen.
    Fix HQPlayer feedback of first track when conversion required.
    More information about each playlist item via the hover tooltip, including album and additional contributors.

    Left panel is resizable via splitter to allow user to widen playlist. Not persisted.
    Fix redisplay of anything already in HQPlayer playlist from temp/buffer location when HQPlayer connected.
    Play Next functions for LMS player insert into correct position on muso playlist. (patch)
    Fix unpinning of side panel, and improve hide/show logic for smooth operation.
    HQPlayer its own tab on Options, when turned on in Players tab
    Use lower left panel as generic process panel instead of showing progress in status bar.
    Minor fixes, including navigation to Options pages from Help page.
    Filter preset enhancements
    Turn on muso2.log on startup implicitly to capture startup errors, turn off once started.

    Fix drag image into album on main browser (to replace cover)
    Cumulation of small bug fixes

    Reimport Album Folder - refresh album display only after background process completes.
    Edit notes - click in textarea while editing shouldn't finish the edit - allow click & drag to hilite an area.
    Import m3u on filescan skips tracks that do not exist.
    File tag reader can cope with several conductors; combines them into the conductor field.
    Trackstat import from LMS writes ..._stat.log not ..._full.log, and excludes dup-reporting for tracks that no longer exist.

    Re-import Album Folder - show status label in process window
    Take control of external page browser history, and write to trail.log when diagnostics on to help trace issues.
    Lyrics is now exported as one of the "dynamic" tags, as it is one of the values changed outside the database edit view.
    On exporting static tags only store BONUS if it is ticked or exists in the tag and needs turning off, i.e. do not create unneccesary 0-value tags.

    Artist View - Show rating for each album.
    Resize left panel or main window retains any filter tags/rating.

    Fixed links from album information.
    More error logging on file/folder scans.
    Visible separator before a group of bonus tracks on album view (unless in new group or disk)
    Detect changes to AlbumKey on manual database edit and only re-collate on saving when album key(s) changed or rows deleted - saves time.
    Album's Year deduced as consistent non-null year across tracks, not taken to be the highest track year (year album groups still accumulate albums if any track matches the year, however)
    Show Year on tracks if different to album year.

    Re-collate albums after every database edit again, as groupings might also be affected.
    Edit Tracks at artist level now handles ignore-prefix variations.
    Grouping by artist uses the most common variation of the artist name, eg. "The Cure" if more common than just "Cure", though will still collate the two together.
    Re-import album folder can now cope with album that has tracks dispersed - re-imports each folder in full.

    Reinstate disc images when album has separate folders for discs (which contain an image).
    Magic wand for artist matches not only Artist but Album Artist, Composer, Performer and Band.
    Clear Playlist button rather than context menu

    The magic wand in conjunction with the hierarchy tree queues tracks that match the complete node hierarchy (not any from the albums shown)
    On artist/album view follow the position of the playing track (scroll into view if necessary)
    Fix some anomalies with the filter presets.
    Add 'groupFiller' and 'bonusFiller' classes to the divs you get (in a track listing) between a group and a non-group, and between non-bonus and bonus tracks respectively, to make custom CSS easier.
    Fix some anomalies resetting the wizard tracks.

    Play Next supported on Embedded player.
    Alt modifier to randomise Play All/Enqueue on artist page - fixed.
    Filter Presets now by pickable combobox values rather than yellow panel, fully scalable to any number of genres, years etc.
    Fix amazon service lookups (for UK and US servers at least, others may not work)

    Record in browser history when filter or sorting changes
    Disable all menu options not applicable to LMS & iTunes players

    Tidy up spacing/padding on album pictures page.
    Main genre for an album; if an equal count for multiple genres take whichever is defined first (in the first track) as main genre. Can affect whether album classed as classical or not.

    Support dragging a folder into Muso as an alternative to "Import from Specific Folder" menu option
    muso developer

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    still one of the end user visuals of LMS. thanks for continuing to update and support.
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