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Hallo Garym,

Thanks, I will ask for the uninstall.

Yesterday evening I was checking my Controller again to see if I might have missed something. I came across the option Install new release. I already had the latest but I reinstalled nevertheless just to check if this would work. Well, it worked and on top of that my music directory showed up and I could start my music on the Touch!

No idea why, but everything works again. I checked this morning and it still seems to be OK. I saw a remark once, I think on this forum, that the Controller software is not very reliable. Is that a general idea?
That's great. enjoy! Regarding the controller, I've had mine for over a year and gone through maybe two or three software/firmware updates, and maybe once I've had to remove the battery to do a "reboot". So I'd say it is reliable. But these things are "computers" and all my computers get sideways once and awhile. The controller does need a good WIFI connection!