--- Oscar Marsh <oscarmarsh (AT) fusemail (DOT) com> wrote:

> I don't know about you, but I would call this
> advertising, and I
> consider it unwelcome here. I've emailed Ian about
> this off-list as
> well.

I don't know. This is definitely not the first time
someone has used this group to try and sell their
SLIMP3 or to post a link to one they are selling on
eBay. In fact I can think of a few other times. And
since I've also seen some people posting here asking
if anyone has one for sale I personally think it is
alright to announce it here. I would guess this would
be an issue that should be decided by the guys at Slim
Devices, not a list member who just happens not to
like it. Obviously they wouldn't allow spam but I've
never seen any kind of policy about list members
trying to sell their old SLIMP3/Squeezebox (or other
things for that matter) on the list.