I am trying to synch a SB2 and a receiver. I am getting a 'blip' / interrupt 3 to 6 seconds into each track if I select 'maintain synchronization while playing' on the player settings.
Running 7.5.2 r30889 on win xp pro. Both players are hard wired on gigabit LAN.
I've reset the time on the server, and power recycled both players.

If I select not to synch players then I get no interrupt.
Even if I skip to next track in playlist, I still get interrupt 6 seconds into track. Music format is MP3 192kbs and 320kbs. No crossfade. I've upped the 'minimum synchronization adjustment to 95ms but it makes no difference.

I've had Slim players since the start and never had a problem like this before.

Any ideas?