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    iOS14.2 local access default

    So it turns out that iOS14.2 has a new setting for many apps called “local access.” This was not on and when it isn’t on, the app can’t access the local network. So there you go....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dhallag View Post
    So it turns out that iOS14.2 has a new setting for many apps called “local access.” This was not on and when it isn’t on, the app can’t access the local network. So there you go....
    iOS 14 will have asked you whether you want to grant SqueezePad access to your local network the first time you used it. If that setting is "off", you answered "no".
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    Squeezepad on iPad with Qobuz app does not show length of track, how much music left to play etc. No problem with iPeng.

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    SqueezePad Suggestions

    Been happily using SqueezePad for quite a few years now. I sincerely hope this is not abandoned.

    Here are some app feedbacks, I hope it’s not too late.

    P0: none, this is an extremely intuitive, well designed app, and no learning curve if you are familiar with Squeezebox/LMS. I enjoy using this a lot!

    P1: unnecessary volume adjustments during pause/resume when playing back on ipad.

    When using the ipad itself as playback device, SqueezePad goes through this routine of lowering the volume to 0 on pause, and tries to restore it on playback. This is not necessary. Pause/resume should be a simple toggle with no change to volume. This is how most music apps works, and generally what people expect.

    The issue is the volume restore during resume doesn’t work most of the time, and I have to manually increase the volume to what it was before. This lessens the enjoyment of using the app.

    P1: keep current device (aka last device in use) when app is opened again.

    When I open SqueezePad again after a period of inactivity, it first shows the last device that was active (for example, the iPad player), this is good! But, within a few seconds, it refreshes the devices list from LMS, and changes the device to the first one in that list (ie, not the last device anymore). To continue operating on my last device, I have to explicitly select the device again.

    It would be better if after getting the new device list from LMS, it doesn’t select the first one, but re-select the current/last device in use.

    P1: close playlist view when tapping on other part of the screen.

    When the playlist side window is open (by tapping the tab on the right edge of the screen), you can interface with the playlist, great! But, if you tap anywhere else not in the playlist pane, the underlying page gets the tap, and changes to full screen view (and hiding the playlist). One has to tape the home button at the top edge to return back to previous page.

    This is not optimal. It would be very natural to tap somewhere else on the screen to close the playlist pane. The current behavior also means, the only way to close the playlist view is by tapping the small playlist tab again. This again lessens the enjoyment of using the app.

    I think all of these are pretty simple changes, for the author. Anyone know if he is still active on this forum?

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