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    Announce: Spotify Premium Plugin (Beta)

    > - should Spotify still work via Triodes plugin

    Yes. There have been reports about the playlist menu being slow, and
    other intermittent issues, though.

    > - if so is it going to stop working at some point

    Yes. Spotify says they were about to shut down systems used by Triode's
    plugin (and SB Radio/Touch fwiw) before the end of the year.

    > - .... and if it shoud be working why am I getting "Connection timed
    > out".

    Check your settings and the Spotify helper application log file.



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    Thanks Michael for the reassurance that the problem was at my end - which it was. Helper app not running, but it is now, and Spotify playing. Yipee!
    I will watch this forum for opinion as to what is best when it does finally stop. Long live SB ......

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    Hi all.
    I'm using daphile with a Spotify Famiily account.
    I tried to have my playlists but it's really long and I can't see somes playlists.
    I activated Spotify Protocol Handler and Spotifyfamilly1 plugins.
    It's works fine but impossible to have my playlists.
    Search playlist doesn't works too.
    Can someone explain me how to do?

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