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    Hi, I've worked out how to do this via a simple batch file which you could edit yourself in a text editor. You'd need to make a list of all the Player IDs. I would need to make some minor edits to the script beforehand.

    Alternatively you could set up windows shortcuts which pass the player ID to FooSQ as a command line parameter (I need to edit the script first though).
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    Does anyone have any success to report yet?

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    New Binary

    Hello, I've updated the FooSQ binary for greater stability with thanks to Marae on HydrogenAudio (who wrote the script before I adapted it). The details on how to use Foobar2000 to control your Logitech device remain the same, go to:


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    Wow, I guess next time people show some interest here I shouldn't waste my time setting up a web page with full instructions and screenshots.

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    Question about foobar scripting... Is that generally how scripting is done in foobar, by simulating mouse and keyboard actions using AutoIt? I always thought there was a much more powerful underlying scripting language in foobar itself.

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    Oh no, your effort is very much appreciated. And having its own page is the right choice.

    thank you very much
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    Although I've not looked at this since the thing was first shared and did not work for me I've been meaning to come back to it, so your web page will very useful when I do. So thanks a lot in advance, you effort will be appreciated (by me at least).

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    OK, good to know that there's interest, sorry if it didn't initially work for you. I've updated the binary again for greater stability and to incorporate some clever work done by Marae over on HydrogenAudio - this should now work with ANY version of Foobar2000 (but make sure you install the right version of AMIP for your version of FB2K). It's a unicode binary, so Win XP, Vista or 7 only. I've changed the icon to a nice little FB2K one also. If anyone wants a non-unicode binary for Win 2K, 98 etc, let me know and I'll post it.

    Yes there's probably a smarter and more elegant way to achieve the same result but I'm an enthusiastic amateur not a professional programmer alas!

    Make sure that your CLI port in SqueezeCenter is set to 9090 by the way - this is the default setting but always worth checking. Settings > Advanced > Command Line Interface.

    Check to make sure you have a file nextsong.txt on C:\, if not then AMIP is not working. Some anti-virus software are also a bit anxious about AutoIt scripts (there was an AutoIt virus at one point)... add an exception to your real time virus protection for FooSQ.exe.
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    Just ran across this thread...

    Thanks stuffedspacedog!
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    This looks interesting!, I'll give it a shot and report back.
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