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    How does eventing works with SqueezeboxServer?

    Hi all,

    I'm developing a GUI in C# to control a SqueezeboxServer. I say server because I learned that you control the server and that the server controls the players.

    I'm able to send messages to the server, for example start a song or an album. I'm also able to get the status of the server by sending "serverstatus 0 999".

    But what I don't get is how I can get a notification when a song/album has ended. So I wonder how I can get this notification. Does the server send events when a player has stopped playing?

    How does the Duet Controller this? Is he constantly polling for status?

    Hope somebody has the answer (preferably in C#)


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    Just to confirm, subscribing on events should be possible independent if you use the CLI interface or the JSON/cometd interface.

    In the CLI interface there is a "listen" command that sets up a subscription.

    In the JSON/cometd you setup a subscription. I'm not sure exactly how to do this and I definitely doesn't know how to do it from C#, but the lua code that does it on the controller can be found in the "subscribe" function in this file:

    I'm not sure there is an event when a song has ended, possible it might be generated one when the play mode changes if it's the last song. However, this is easy to test, just open a telnet connection towards port 9090 and issue a "listen" command and then play a song and see what happens in the telnet window.
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    Check with the dev of this app.....he is really a cool guy and I have worked with him to debug things.....I think the entire app is written in .NET.


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