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    Exclamation Can we make a music scheduler?

    We have installed music squeezeboxes on a hotel, but they are requesting for a software so that the music will only play on such time frame.

    Like a music scheduler for the streaming music.

    Can somebody help?

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    Can we make a music scheduler?

    There are several approaches to doing this:

    - you could write a SBS plugin to do this
    - use a calendar application which can launch scripts when events trigger.
    Such a script could talk to SBS to start/stop playback etc.
    - write your own scheduler application talking to SBS



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    I wonder if it would be possible to use the alarm handling to solve this.

    If you only want a simple scheduling, starting it at a specified time and always play for 2 hours, it should work to setup an alarm and set the "Alarm Timeout (in minutes)" parameter to 120 minutes. Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to set different timeouts for different alarms.

    If you want more advanced scheduler possibilities, you probably need to use one of the suggestions from Michael.

    Note, if you are using Squeezebox Touch or Radio, you probably don't want to use the alarm functionality because those devices have a fallback alarm that's triggered now and then when there is a short communication problem with the server or when the clocks aren't completely synchronized.
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