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    Quote Originally Posted by mfaine View Post
    Good god thank you man. I haven't tried it yet but at least you are trying something. I'm about to go freaking insane looking for reliable information for how to use squeezebox on a PC. Is it SoftSqueeze, SqueezePlay, what? And no, SqueezePlay isn't available on the Nightly Builds page.
    SqueezePlay. And it's on the nightly build pages.

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    Does this run on the touch?

    As my SB touch sits next to the TV it would be kind of cool if it could show now playing info on the touch display of what I'm watching on the TV, and of course allow me to browse to something else while still watching.

    I'd want the reverse too. Som XMBC screen that just shows what's playing on the touch. Album art, playlist and track info etc.

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    Menu to select XBMC clients

    Any chance of a menu to select different XBMC clients, for instance I have XBMC installed on ATV2, mac mini with CrystalHD and my iPad even an old XBOX which I dont use any more. Would be nice to have a menu option to choose which system I was controlling rather than having to change i.p address.

    BTW, great script. I love it, puts my Harmony One to shame
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    RE: Menu to select XBMC clients

    Hi Lesliew

    Thanks, it is always nice to hear people liking this script. To be honest I think it is a bit outdated. Today you have great apps/web pages for XMBC and squeezebox on Android and Iphone. I think they work a lot better and look nicer too! So I'm not going to do any work on this applet, I'm going to buy a android phone :-).
    But the lua language isn't that hard, so I would say give it a go. You just have to edit this applet.

    Gr Robbin.

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    I'd like the reverse: Use XBMC to control SB and display art and info. Maybe even audio playback, though I know that's more work.

    Hm. Maybe that's a project for me.

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    Use XBMC as a squeezebox controller / player

    See - http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?p=1012231

    I've written a (so far) simple addon for XBMC - a controller and/or player (using squeezeslave)

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    XBMC on the Pi

    Sorry to drag up such an old thread but I recently bought a raspberry pi and running XBMC on it, got your applet and managed to install to my receiver and got it loaded up.

    However, when I put in the IP and Port of XBMC it didnt work.. I think I know why but was hoping someone can confirm something for me.

    Does the device I'm trying to control (the Pi) need to be wifi enabled? OR does the controller talk to it through the router? (like my Android/Iphone apps?)


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    Any further developments?

    Has this project gone any further than the initial release? I'm interested.

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    where can i download this. Does it still work with kodi?

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