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    KFI-AM Stream URL

    There was some discussion in the Squeezebox Radio forum about determining the stream URL for iheartradio stations. Using the approach described in the thread "404 file not found", I was able to derive a URL for KFI-AM. It works as a preset on my SB Radio. No idea how long it will stay valid, but it has been working for a few days now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lssartin View Post
    I would love a work around also. I have found the podcast is an option but really miss the preset button bringing live radio on for KFI, my most listened to station. Let me know if you find a solution.
    I have a URL/solution that will probably work for the next 15 minutes (optimistic I'm not).


    I spent some extended time trying to resolve this, previously before my post. Now I hit on this "solution" in a matter of a few minutes. I Googled:

    kfi los angeles streaming url

    which led to two websites:

    1. http://www.liveonlineradio.net/usa/kfi-640.htm
    2. http://onlineradiobox.com/us/kfiam/?cs=us.kfiam

    I found the working URL when I inspected the pages (Chrome, right-click), on both sites. I fully expect this solution to be NOT when I try it in the morning. But maybe it'll work for awhile if there are only two of us tagging the URL. Ssshhh... don't tell anyone...

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    Kfi 640

    Thanks for the solution, it worked for me today. Hope the link stays up.

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    Buy an Echo Dot for $29.99

    After 7 years of constantly changing station URL's to enable them on my Squeezebox Boom, I finally turned it into a dummy speaker today.

    This KFI issue was the last straw. I bought an Echo Dot for $29.99 and now I can listen to any station that's on iHeart, Pandora, Tune-in, etc. Just connected the Dot to the SBB Line-in and now I can tell Alexa what I want to hear. It works great for surfing news stations when they start their ad sessions.

    My SBB is now getting a second life.

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