- Controller firmware version: 7.5.0 r8673

- Receiver firmware version: 65

- Router details (Belkin, Model: F5D8235-4 v1000, Firmware: 1.01.23)
- SqueezeCenter version: 7.5.0 - r30464
- What connection method are you using: All wireless

Before updating to the latest firmware, I was able to connect to 105.1 Crossover FM (Manila), either via
1) a manually added link: http://mirrors.martin.bitstop.ph/marecorelay
2) favorite added from "Internet Radio" menu on the controller
3) preset added using Radiotime account login

After updating to 7.5.0, I cannot connect anymore while playing the direct link on browser ,listening via Radiotime on PC and manually added link on Freecom's Musicpal work fine.

The error message on the controller's screen reads:
HTTP/1.0 400 Bad Request mms://GLOBE-SS.dagupan.com/marecolo
Conection rest by remote host mms://mirrors.martin.bitstop.ph/marecorelay

Please advise.