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    Quote Originally Posted by kidstypike View Post
    I'm just sorry I can't have two in every room in the house.
    I have 2 rooms that have 2 squeezeboxes in them - my bedroom and living room. My bedroom has a Boom and an SB3 on my bedside table hooked up to a headphone amp. In my living room, I have a Receiver connected to the main stereo system and an SB3 connected to a headphone amp.

    As others have mentioned, it's fabulous that you can expand your system so easily without having to run speaker wires and such.

    To justify more SBs in our house, I'll have to add more rooms. Wonder what my wife would think of that logic? :-).
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    I have my home covered but would like a Squeeze for my garage so when I arrive home and exit the car I am greeted with beautiful music. I am a Squeezbox lover.

    PS: I am waiting for a new updated Squeezebox Boom. It is definitely lacking from their product line.
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