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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrum View Post
    The plan was to move living (couch, equipment) to one area and cover when working on the other end, then swap back and forth repeatedly.
    Nice setup! I used to have luxman receiver, perfect sound.
    I was in the exact same spot, I don't know what you're going to do with walls and parquet, but renovation implies dust and dirt. Floor sanding, walls painting (wallpaper replacement), etc. I don't thing this process is compatible with hi-fi/hi-end equipment
    By the way, I planned and prepared in advance all wires (in the cap of floor in their own pipes), power for the rack with separate switch, even aluminum coasters for speaker spikes. But I completely forgot about size of living room and echo. I had to use curtains and carpet to reduce echo. Wasn't all I expected, but that's life. Conclusion: if you plan to do something with walls, you can use acoustic panels or soundproof materials.

    Here is my setup in living room: marantz SR7000 receiver, marantz CD5400 ose, Touch, front: advance acoustic k11s, rear: audio pro black pearl v3, sub and center: audio pro cinema/image.
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