Thanks for the response.
No, plenty of memory. About 200MB being used by slimserver out of 800MB
System is hardly stressed at all. Tends to run about 12% CPU while playing.

vmstat doesn't really change much during glitch, except some of the numbers


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Subject: [slim] Playback problem: buffer underrun

> I've been having a persistent problem with my network of slimp3 players
> (not
> squeezebox), since updating to the 5.x release.
> I'm currently on server version 5.2.1, which I believe is the latest. My
> three slimp3 players are firmware version 2.3. The server is running on
> RH
> 8.0 Linux distribution with a 3x160 RAID 5 in software for track storage.
> It is running on a 1Ghz Athalon with 800MB memory. We have about 225GB
> and
> 35000 tracks.


I'd suspect that's not enough memory for that many tracks. Got other stuff
running too?

cat /proc/`pidof slimserver`/status | grep VmSize

free -m

You say vmstat looks okay, I assume you're watching for cpu, disk i/o and
swap pages i/o?