Thanks I will give that a try. If I find that problem corresponds to tag
cache save, is there any solution other than turning off the tag cache?

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John Lilley wrote:
> The symptom is: for about every hour or two of playback, the playback will
> hang for about 15 seconds before continuing. This occurs with any of the
> three slimp3 devices. Another symptom is that, while playback is stalled,
> the HTTP interface is also non-responsive, leading me to believe that

> is some critical section, garbage collection, etc that is taking place and
> locking the entire server for that time period.

If you have the tag cache enabled, I believe it is saved to disk every hour.
That shouldn't be enough to cause your symptoms unless your system is
stressed from other tasks. You could use --d_info debugging to see when the
save is happening to see if it is the culprit.