I just ordered a touch from logitech yay.

Anyway.. I have a couple of questions..

(I'll be using the touch as a server btw, for itself and 1 SB3, with approx 20,000 tracks - about 300 Gb of FLAC and MP3)

1. Does anyone have a recommendation for a small portable HDD that comes with a psu (as the touch can't provide the required power). Seems all the 2.5" drives are exclusively bus powered. I have a 3.5" but it's a little whiney, and I dont like the idea of having to buy a powered usb hub just for a small HDD.

2. On the limitations wiki it states that FLAC encoded > 48Khz and compressed with "Best" or -8 won't work. Does this mean if the file is over 48 Khz AND encoded at -8, or is it either condition? I have a lot of flac encoded at -8 (16/44.1, do I need to re encode all this to -5?

3. I can't seem to find what apps work on the touch.. Is there enything like superdatetime? I really like the weather forecast on the clock.

oh and good work getting this out right now.. had a bad day yesterday, then Saw "in stock" on the logitech site.. brightened my day immeasurably