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    Help needed: PlayLog 2.1.40 initPlugin failure on CentOS

    [apologies for the cross-post - did not get any replies in the 3rd party plugins area, so thought I'd try here too]

    Hi folks-

    Do you have any advice for PlayLog not initializing when Squeezeboxserver starts up?

    I see the following in my server.log:

    [10-03-20 10:16:53.4986] main::init (320) Starting Squeezebox Server (v7.4.2, r30215, Fri Feb 19 16:22:31 MST 2010) perl 5.008008
    [10-03-20 10:16:56.1645] Slim::Utils::PluginManager::load (325) Warning: Couldn't call Plugins::PlayLog::Plugin->initPlugin: Can't use string ("^E^G^B") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/Slim/Utils/Prefs/Base.pm line 46.



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    Looks like your PlayLog.prefs got corrupt somehow. Would you be willing to zip it up & email it to me so I can do some testing?

    To start up w/ PlayLog, try renaming PlayLog.prefs. You'll need to re-set your PlayLog preferences (the plugin will fall back to default settings), but the actual song logs are xml files under the playlist directory, so you shouldn't lose any of your logged info by making PlayLog create a new prefs file.
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    thanks, worked fine after deleting PlayLog prefs

    Hi Peter-

    Thanks, it worked fine after I moved the playlog prefs file. I mailed a copy to you for analysis.



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