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    Unhappy missing strings with SSOTS

    Hi there,

    I use SSOTS on my Qnap NAS.
    after updating SqueezeboxServer (7.4.2) and SSOTS (4.6) to the latest versions some strings in my Squeezebox Radio are wrong/missing now. When I try to look for internet radio stations, the menu items are named "STAFF_PICKS", "RADIOTIME_LOCAL" etc. instead of the correct string. I attached the SSOTS logfile to my post. A short excerpt:

    1612: [10-03-19 19:54:58.7191] Slim:isplay:isplay::string (809) Error: missing string RADIOTIME_SEARCH

    Before the update I used versions 7.4.1/4.2.

    What can I do? Thanks in advance for your help!



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    missing strings on ReadyNAS

    I have the same problem on my READYNAS

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