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    Boom can't connect to server after reinstall

    Hi, apologies if this has been asked on another thread, but I couldn't find anything related to his problem.

    Set up my new boom no problem. Connected to mysqueezebox.com and the squeeezebox server, which was running on my mac (ibook G4 running tiger). Managed to fix the firewall to allow the boom to connect to the server on my mac. All good. Really impressed by this piece of kit!


    Had to re-install tiger on my mac. Reinstalled what I think is the same version of the squeezebox server on my mac. However, the boom now cannot connect to the server. Did a factory reset and went through setup all over again. Managed to connect to wireless and to mysqueezebox.com fine.

    When I try to connect to server, it says cannot connect. Checked the IP of the server on the boom settings, which is the same. Checked the firewall settings which are same as before. The boom grabs the name of the music directory which you define in settings of the server (so says 'connect to myname-ibook-folder etc) but cannot connect. I assume that when I reinstalled the server on my mac, something changed which the boom cannot handle, but I don't know what! Maybe some kind of 'hard reset' or something?

    Any help would be great, I just had a taste of how good the boom is, and now cannot use it for its intended task.


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    Do you have another internet device (iPhone, computer, etc.) that you can use to see if you get a response from the Squeezebox server Web UI?

    Pull up a browser and enter the Squeezebox server's IP address followed by ":9000" - i.e. something like

    This should confirm that the Squeezebox server is up and communicating, at least using port 9000.
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    Will try tonight and give update - cheers

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