Hi all,

Ever since I allowed my squeezebox installation to upgrade itself recently, I have no end of trouble with my COMODO Internet Security suite. Both the Firewall and Defense+ do not appear to be able to remember/recognize SqueezeSvr.exe. I assume you are not familiar with COMODO so I will give you a brief outline of its behaviour in the hope that it will set some bells ringing:

In COMODO, I can associate a ruleset (direction of traffic, protocol of traffic, ports, addresses) with every process. If traffic hits the firewall, COMODO will trawl thru the list of rulesets to find one associated with the application for which the traffic is headed. If it finds such a ruleset, it applies the rules to the traffic. If it cannot find a ruleset, eventually it will hit a catch-all ruleset.

Any traffic to and from SqueezeSvr.exe ALWAYS hits the catch-all ruleset.

I can modify that catch-all ruleset so that an alert pops up and asks me to manually decide what action to take. If I say "allow" and "remember my answer", then COMODO will actually add a (very crude) rule to the ruleset for SqueezeSvr.exe - the very ruleset it ignored on the first pass. And also, this automatically generated rule will be ignored on subsequent traffic and I continually get hit with firewall popups.

The same happens on the pro-active Defense component. On the first popup I told COMODO to treat SqueezeSvr.exe as a "Trusted Application" - it makes no difference. I get pop-up after pop-up. It's insane.

Anyone come across this behaviour before?