- "I would think you'd just have dropouts..."

That's exactly my guess, too! That's why this is puzzling...


On Aug 10, 2004, at 3:04 PM, Ken Hokugo wrote:

>I have been enjoying Squeezebox ("SB") for the past few weeks and been
>impressed with its easiness and flexibility. Yesterday, for the first time
>since SB purchase, I compared the same CD between SB and my hi-end CD
>transport. The CD had been ripped via iTunes in WAV format with USB
>Plextor Premium CD-RW drive at its highest speed without "error
>correction". The PC is brand-new Dell 8400. SB is wireless. Signal
>strength is between 50 to 60% (PC is in the next room). The CD is brand
>new classical piano solo.
>Long story short, to my ears, using CD transport sounds more open, dynamic
>and detailed. Scoreing the hi-end CD transport at 10, SB sound is, like,
>8. Not surprising (well, sort of...), but is this because (1) wireless
>signal is not strong enough? (2) ripping speed is too fast? or (3)
>something else (SB parts quality, etc.)?
>I will try tonight with a patch cable for wired connection, but has anybody
>else done similar comparison? Any opinion on this?
>Thanks, as always.