>>>> jtfields91 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com 8/9/2004 10:48:39 PM >>>
>Well, I'm still anxiously waiting on my display to
>arrive. However, I was thinking I might just hang
>onto it for awhile until the final version of
>SlimServer 5.3 is released. It seems I've seen quite
>a few problems reported here. I know at times things
>seem magnified here because you only see the people
>complaining and not the people who had no problems.
>I'm one of those who is typically more cautious and
>does not install the nightlies unless there is a
>problem that I'm trying to clear up. In general, has
>5.3 beta been fairly solid? Is it recommended to
>upgrade to the beta?

I'd say do the upgrade. There's no reason you
can't upgrade the server and not touch the squeezebox.
I think that 5.3 beta is slightly more stable on the server
end than 5.2.1. After a few days of use, I am still
getting the shooting start effect, but still can't pin it
down. My wife gets a little thrown off by the occasional
reset, but at least the device is smart enough to go right
back to the song where it reset.

Of course when I ask her if she remembers what she was
doing when it reset, it's nearly impossible for her to remember.
She can remember something I did 5 years ago on a
specific day, but she can't remember what she did 30 minutes
ago when I ask her...LOL!

Even with the occasionaly reset, my whole family
loves the new display. Even my 5 year old said that
she likes that she can tell what song is playing from
the middle of the room while she is dancing or listening
to an audio book.