Yep. Got it working this morning. Check out either or

You'll need a camera, a channel injector (one with or
without audio, depending on what you want to accomplish),
and possibly a notch filter to clear out the channel where
you want the camera to go.

I went with the non-audio type, but in thinking about it,
I should have gotten one with audio so I could listen on
the TV in my bedroom. I've already got IR from that
room to where my slimp3 is, so it would just be a simple
matter of getting another stick on emitter and piping
the slimp3 sound through the cable as well. Doh! Maybe
that can wait for a few weeks.

It's really easy to do, and you've set yourself up to
put other cameras around the house or do some other
fancy stuff.


>>> rob (AT) metro-email (DOT) com 8/10/2004 8:45:56 AM >>>

Are you saying it's possible to have the SB displayed on TVs
throughout the house by linking to the in house cable. All my TVs go
through a central patch panel with two cables per TV so this could
work well. Anyone have some detailed instructions to do this?


> >>> lists (AT) phillipkerman (DOT) com 8/10/2004 12:02:24 AM >>>

>>What I don't understand is why one can't just get a laptop without a

>>fan that doesn't cost so much. I'd gladly pay $300 for a laptop as

>>as my 5 year old one... which, of course, isn't worth $300.
>>I think it makes sense to concentrate on the audio side of things.

>>saying the display doesn't matter.

>Why not a laptop? Remote control, plus a laptop doesn't fit into an
>audio rack.
>I like the squeezebox for putting them in just about every room of

>When it comes to putting it in with all the other audio stuff, it
>sticks out like a
>sore thumb. Plus, it has to be on top (ever try stacking something

>it?) or
>off to the side. If there ever is a larger version of this thing, it
>would be
>nice to have a IR input right on the back so I wouldn't have to worry
>one of those silly stick on emitters.
>I have a very quiet front end running another program where I can
>music from as well. I had never thought about putting that s-video
>back into the house cable. Great idea!