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Hmm. Whatever was or was not communicated, this is precisely what I was after. I have a somewhat manual custom process for ripping and encoding now, and all of my artist directories are indeed named like the "sort name" coming back from MusicBrainz. Again, this is so that when looking at the raw directory (either with `ls`, Nautilus, Explorer, or Browse Music Folder on my Squeezeboxen) the artists are naturally sorted properly (e.g. The Clash in the Cs and Tom Waits in the Ws). If I move over to using a VB appliance to make all this easier, I would need to retain this setup. It sounds like this is possible with a few minor patches to some tools.
You'll need Perl programming skills to do this. You could also contact the ripit developer: ripit <at> suwald <dot> com and request this enhancement.