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    Duet - No AUdio Problem

    I recently got a Duet and HP server and set it up "on the Benc" and all appeared OK. I then unplugged the receiver to move it to it's proper home, re-powered it, and all seemed to re-connect, but I get no audio. I can access my music library, select a track, on the controller it appears to play (ie. the track pointer moves along) but no sound.

    The pointer reaches 30 sec and then resets to 0 and repeats if that's a clue?

    Also, internet radio stations that used to play now just seem to get stuck in an endless loop of buffering.

    I've tried allsorts to fix but am stumped? Connecting my original SB3 and all works fine?

    Anyone come accross this, any help.

    The receiver is hard wired to the the server, all running the latest software I think...

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    Re: Duet - No AUdio Problem

    Try resetting the ip address of the receiver if it isn't fixed. Easiest is to power down and come back 10 mins later and switch back on (router) or do this with your router confing screen
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