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    "listen later" playlist?

    Hi everyone,
    We happily received our Squeezebox Radio last night and are enjoying exploring it.

    I'm not running a home server right now as we're more consumers of internet content than our own, so I'm trying to figure out all the different apps and services that are available for getting to the things we want to listen to.

    One thing I haven't found yet is a way to keep a list of things we want to listen to later. Not podcasts but individual mp3s that live at various URLs. When we run are browsing around the web and run across something interesting, it'd be nice to toss it into a pile of "things to listen to". For example, an episode of an NPR program or the State of the Union from last night, or a particular podcast recording when we don't really want to subscribe to the whole podcast itself.

    Is this something that one of the existing apps/services can do easily? Or is there a better way to think about what I want to do?

    a happy noob,

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    I think the Playlist Manager plugin may do what you want.

    There used to be a bit of functionality in the Squeezecenter software called "zapped playlist" which is a quick way of adding a track you come across to a temporary playlist called "zapped". The changes to the ui mean that accessing "zapped" doesn't work the way it used to, but playlist manager re-introduces it.

    You will need to browse for these programs or podcasts using the Radio, rather than via a computer, but the way I understand it works is that you get extra options when you press + including "add to zapped". You can then navigate to and play "zapped" at a later stage.

    You will need to set up a playlist directory and make sure it is read/writable by the software.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siduhe View Post
    I think the Playlist Manager plugin may do what you want.

    There used to be a bit of functionality in the Squeezecenter software....
    Thanks for the information. But don't I need to run a home server in order to install a plugin? That's what I'm hoping to do without right now.

    I believe I saw somewhere (but can't find it now) that there was an ability to name and save playlists on mysqueezecenter.com, but I can't find that functionality. Maybe I'm mistaken?

    thanks for any other suggestions,

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