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    4 pages... I wont read it all.
    Just an idea, could be out of fashion, but why not a (random) visualizer ? I had a friend who wanted to reinject into itunes the music going to a player just for the sake of running g-force or somesuch... This machine probably has the juice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gharris999 View Post
    Currently, in the SBS webUI, URLs in COMMENTs are automatically parsed and rendered into links. It would be nice if iPeng could do this too and allow Safari to open the link. This ability goes way back to the 6.0 days, I believe.
    This reminds me of another thing. It would be great to have links from Artists/Albums pages to things like LastFM, Wikipedia, allmusic.com, Amazon.com. The Custom Browse web UI have this kind of links and they work fairly well by just passing the artist name further to the correct urls handled by these web providers.

    When you click on a link Safari would be shown on half the screen and the other half can keep showing Now Playing information.
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    Post Keep it simple, keep it familiar

    Although there are a ton of things you could do, I would keeping to the basic UI design you already have but with the swipe-away screens kept visible in separate panels (especially the track progress toaster and the playlist). I am less sure about keeping the devices/servers/sync groups screen visible but I would consider it for landscape mode. On the other hand, to avoid clutter and accidental key presses you might want to keep it as a swipe-on screen.

    Obviously, you would want to scale the various panels appropriately, and give suitable room for album artwork.

    The only thing I would like is for is for the album browsing screen to use the screen real estate to show a *large* grid of album covers. I'd like to see at least 24 album covers at once. It will be best if 100% of the screen is used for a cover art grid when you are browsing for an album to play. Otherwise keep to at least 2/3 of the screen in landscape mode for the album art grid and allow drag-and-drop of an album onto the playlist window taking up the other 1/3 of the space.
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    Re: iPeng on iPad - How should it look like?

    If you could emulate the interface of the Sooloos in terms of what is supposed to be a fabulous way to browse albums the purchase of an entire squeeze system, ipad and Ipeng would look like a bargain
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    I was looking at th cover size on iTunes Store, I thought it was larger than 600x600 but this seems to be the size currently used. The rationale behind this seems to be that a CD cover is 12cm square, about 4.73 inches.
    At 100dpi you need 473 pixels square. 100 dpi is not much when printing. I have a feeling that you could end up with a layout that could make for a printable catalog of the library, and I believe 300 dpi is more or less the baseline when printing in color ?

    I liked the demo of the iphoto browser in iPad. It reminded me of an itunes app I was using long ago, showing stacks of covers on the desktop, clicking a cover was controlling play on itunes, and the playlist itself was a stack of covers. Could be fun with shake-for-random...

    I still want SBS to offer better library browsability, ability to insert new songs after an album (instead of right after what's playing), ability to truncate the playlist at some point, ability to add server actions (like sync, enter sleep, volume up...) between songs.

    NB: since I don't have an ipod/phone, I only saw iPeng briefly. I don't really know what it does already.

    BTW, what about the itunes (LP ?) format (an html5 thing is it not ?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by epoch1970 View Post
    I liked the demo of the iphoto browser in iPad.
    Me too. That's why I said I need Artist artwork. Go reckon
    ability to insert new songs after an album (instead of right after what's playing)
    Like that one. Really. Have to remember, you don't want to file a ticket on iPeng track? There's a component "iPad" to file tickets against...
    NB: since I don't have an ipod/phone, I only saw iPeng briefly. I don't really know what it does already.
    Ah, OK... Will file the ticket myself.
    iPeng does none of your suggestions above right now, at least not without CustomBrowse and DynamicPlaylist plugins.
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    Coverflow - obvious one

    Integration with API's - last.fm/myspace etc. etc. - details of artist, gigs etc.

    Something radical )) . for large music collections why not come up with a completely radical interface for finding music, instead of the usual list, thumb view. Something you can 'play' with and explore in a visually appealing 'artistic' way

    think multitouch experience, shapes, colours, movement, resizing, attractors, repellants. These elements or 'data representations' can be used in different combinations to find music. Could be used selecting genre,year or year range, linking with online API's data to create links to other artists and making suggestions.

    Just think something a lot more could be done with a large multitouch screen with animation etc.

    Loads of ideas on here - http://visualizingmusic.com/page/2/ - may help get a better understanding of what I am on about

    and this is really nice to play with - http://www.fidgt.com/visualize

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    I am definitely looking forward to the iPad for this and a few other "control" apps I expect will be killer on the device.

    Wired posted a video yesterday of how their app will look on the device. The video is VERY cool and is actually running live code and content. It may give you some different ideas for constructs and design.

    Just as their app is trying to redefine static/interactive content, I think there is great opportunity to have a music application running on the iPad that becomes very immersive. I can see where it could allow the user to free roam music, musical connections, history, etc. all within one tidy application.

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    I initially thought I was completely disinterested in the iPad. While I love my iPhone; I'm skeptical about such a closed platform for anything that starts approaching a laptop replacement.

    But after using my iPhone with iPeng and also as a remote for my Tivo HD (I hate needing to aim line-of-sight IR) I realized that I'd probably love an iPad as a sort of super-smart universal remote. Yeah I know there are a bunch of devices in that category (Harmony, etc) but this one would do more (real web browsing, etc in a pinch) and run best-of-breed options like iPeng. Now all I need is someone to come out with a good option for Wifi-to-IR conversion at a reasonable price with a great iPhone app to go alon. I see that a few options exist but I don't know if they meet this criteria.

    Back to the point. One thing that would be good for the use case I'm imagining would be quick switching between such remote apps. I don't know if the iPhone/iPad development platform allows this but for me it would be ideal to do it with hotlinks between apps rather than having to exit to the main app screen and pick there (requiring me to keep them sorted carefully for the right grouping, etc).


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    you could set it up completely like windows media player with the three panels type environment (library, now playing artwork, playlist) but rather than the traditional media player library options on the left the user would select from a drop down what they want to show up in that frame, ie favs, artists, napster, basically the same options as what you get on the touch app with the quick options on the bottom and these can be edited as like on the touch/iphone.

    then have current now playing screen in the middle frame but instead of swiping left and right you swipe up and down to get to the sync page, then on the right hand side you can simply have a playlist.

    when the user selects one of the options from the drop down on the left panel the info shows up there,

    then you can have a screensaver option which shows just the artwork or maybe fanart.

    also utilise any physical keys you can especially for the volume control if it has them.

    just a bit of brainstorming....

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