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    Hey pippin

    Ok, thanks for checking. I moved it to my regular repository: http://www.gwendesign.com/sc/repo/repo.xml

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    Quote Originally Posted by pippin View Post
    OK, works for me.

    I've added a documentation bug on this to have it included in the CLI doc:

    Chris, Peter, Felix, could you have a look at this?
    Thanks for opening the bug. I think we mainly want 2 things changed in SBS (and maybe the MySB code, too)
    1) implement a do-nothing stub routine for getexternalvolumeinfo
    2) document the way it's supposed to work

    But is that the best way to do this? I'd like to propose another slight change that I think is inline with what we've been doing. SBS has global notifications, right? Notifications without specific players?

    How about

    1) the SBS code's core implementation of getexternalvolumeinfo does nothing beyond sending a *global* getexternalvolumeinfo notification with *no tagged parameters*.
    2) SBS *plugins* could then choose either to intercept the getexternalvolumeinfo command as we have done *or* subscribe to getexternalvolumeinfo notifications. If a plugin subscribed to getexternalvolumeinfo notifications, it would turn around and send player-specific getexternalvolumeinfo notifications with tagged parameters for any players where it's appropriate

    This would be 100% compatible with the code Chris, Felix, and I have added and provide two new benefits:

    1) Plugins would not need to intercept getexternalvolumeinfo, and if they chose not to intercept getexternalvolumeinfo, there would be a lower chance of anything going wrong. With our current setup, there's a risk that a bug in one plugin might prevent if from chaining the next implementation of getexternalvolumeinfo.
    2) Applets could send information. For instance, there might be applet implementations of any of our three plugins for use on SB Touch -- perhaps using its USB port for the RS232 comms for DenonSerial. If the core SBS (and MySB??) code sent "empty"/global getexternalvolumeinfo notifications, then even an applet could see when a control app like iPeng wanted getexternalvolumeinfo info, and could provide that information.

    Sound right?
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    Re: Adding a player parameter

    Sounds right.
    Could you add that to the bug?
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    Is this still necessary?

    I am trying to determine if this issue of registering external volume controls devices is even necessary anymore. I commented out the sub getexternalvolumeinfoCLI and iPeng and Squeezer still seem to work just fine controlling a 100% volume SB Touch device.

    I am trying to eliminate an error I reported up thread (useIxHashes) that seems to be evasive for everyone. It happens when this routine is called and only in iPeng, since that is the only app that I think supports it.

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