I just ordered the new display. It was kind of on a
whim so I sure hope it's worth it.

As you know the "August special," which I hope is
better than the September or October specials, is
that you can send the old display back in for $20.

I own one Squeezebox (which is what this display is
for) and one SLIMP3. Obviously if the new display
goes out I can't put the old one back in because the
instructions have you clip a couple of connectors (is
this really necessary?). However, should the display
go out on my SLIMP3 I'm assuming I could use this one
to replace it.

Would the nice folks at Slim Devices be willing to say
what kind of failure rate they've had on the old
display? I'm assuming it will cost me much more than
$20 if I need to replace it on my SLIMP3 in the

Also, is there any kind of warranty on the new

Anyway, just wondering what everyone's thoughts were
on sending the thing back for the rebate.

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