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    It never occurred to me to try the TV! Sadly after fighting the remote to enter the url all I get is a blank browser. This Samsung is only about 3 years old as well.
    I tried the now-playing url and the mobile url for Material as well

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    How can I add a numeric current volume level display to this "Now Playing" screen? E.g. "76" or "76%". Thanks.

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    Endlessly "loops"

    Thanks for this, its almost exactly what I'm looking for. That said, when I load the "new" responsive version, my browser just seems to get stuck in a loop; it just refreshes and refreshes, but nothing ever becomes visible in the browser page. Are there any edits to the html necessary or anything i'm missing? I have the responsive file in the same folder as the original version, which works perfectly, and have tried this on multiple browsers (chrome, firefox) all with the same results.

    Thanks in-advance for any insights or suggestions.

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