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    With 7.4.2 as the current beta, 7.5 (either version) should be considered as alpha software, and not intended for consumption by the general public. Andy has said clearly, many times, that people should be testing the embedded branch. Therefore in my opinion all that's needed is to change the beta/alpha download page in the wiki to point to the 7.5-embedded branch instead of pointing to the 7.5.0 trunk (non-embedded branch). One could also add a note stating explicitly that the embedded branch is the one that should be tested.

    Unfortunately either I don't have editing rights to that page, or I just can't figure out how to edit it. If someone can tell me how, or do it themselves, that would be a public service. As for your questions in the bug report and in the forums about "how do you know what things to merge later?", the devs seem to trust the version control software they use for SBS development to handle that kind of housekeeping, and I see no reason to doubt that.

    Thanks for the example, and it does highlight how bugzilla can be clearer about which bugs are resolved for which versions. But 7992 is a little trickier since it was opened long ago.

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    well, its just one example. i think i've seen about ten or so, which makes me think there are many more i haven't seen.

    yes, they seem to trust the v.c. software, but i didn't realize how that worked, which is why i asked. andy got a bit miffed at me for asking, but it really was just an innocent question.

    btw, they do "protect" some of the wiki pages. you can't edit all of them, they can control that access. however, i think more than simply changing the link is required, i think they need to give some explanation as to what the differences are between "embedded" and "trunk" and the ramifications of using one or the other. it would also be a good place to define the touch sbs, and tinysc, and so on, to delineate those definitions and stem confusion.

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    My issue was that a number of artists and ALL of their albums were listed near the bottom alphabetically in the artist list of my LMS. I couldn't figure out why but finally did and wanted to post the solution.

    I used Mp3tag software to compare the extended tags of those artists with ones properly sorted. It turned out that the artists not properly sorted were all part of at least one compilation disc in my library that had "Various Artists" listed for the ARTISTSORT tag. For example- Even though I have four Coldplay albums, because they are part of one compilation (soundtrack) album that had the ARTISTSORT tag listed as “Various Artists” it placed everything Coldplay in the letter V section. This explains why they were all listed under the letter “V” (Various Artists).

    After removing the ARTISTSORT tag from the entire compilation album's tracks and rescanning my library within LMS the problem was resolved!

    By the way, I left the ALBUMARTIST tag with “Various Artists” and COMPILATION tag = 1 so that I didn’t have a mess of artists with only one track listed in my artist list. This keeps things clean and I can play the compilation when browsing the Albums area in LMS instead.

    I highly recommend the Mp3tag software. It’s free, easy to use, and will help organize your library quickly.

    I hope this information helps others down the road.


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