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    Does anybody know what the remote looks like???

    I know you all said it will be avilable last half of this month.
    I was hoping it ha an alphabet on the keyboard. Cause I have to do a lot of searching for certain stations or talk show hosts etc I want to listen to.
    I did look at a pic of the Boom remote and was disappointed no alphabet there either. Duh
    Cause it takes a while to twist the big knob and click to enter such info on the Radio itselfThanks

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    It appears that it does not have alpha-numeric keys. See post #8 in this thread: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=69347

    If you want alphanumeric keys you should try to get one of the older remotes (SB2/SB3/Transporter) or the remote that will come with the SB Touch. Someone reported recently that the SB Touch remotes were on the Logitech website, even though the SB Touch itself is still delayed. Whether or not you can order the remote I don't know.

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