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    FreeNas with Sq 7.4 – Full or Embedded Install – any difference in speed?

    FreeNas with SlimNas and 7.41 on a 1ghz 512mb ram, 4gb Compact Flash boot drive ex HP thin client. 10,000 tracks on external HDD, 1x SB3

    Embedded vs Full install – will there be any difference in operational speed, especially with the web interface of Squeezecentre with the Full install over the Embedded one?

    Currently have an embedded install. Web interface is a bit slow... looking for ways of speeding it up.


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    Haven't looked at FreeNas in a little while, I may be wrong but I think "full" means you have a full(er) environment, e.g. you can actually compile a program.
    Embedded is stripped-down to the bone to have the lowest footprint.
    I believe both will use a ram disk to avoid writing to the CF card, so the larger the worst.

    Few months ago when I was prepping a PC Engines Alix machine (256MB ram) I used FreeNAS embedded + SlimNAS, and it was slow.
    I took a microdrive out of a dead ipod mini I had lying around, did away with the ram disk, added a bit of swap space on the microdrive, and the thing was flying. I guess I could have done this w/ FreeNAS, but I finally opted for using linux since I wanted to install other stuff.

    I know some are actually using r/w filesystems directly on fast CF cards. I don't know how long they last, and how this compares to using a microdrive (which are hard to come by new, but fairly common as ipod repair parts)

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