Yesterday my SB3 (first slimdevices love, bought 2 yrs 4 mos ago) fell onto the floor in an event initiated by my ever-inquisitive one year old son. I wasn't there to see how bad of a fall it was.

Initially I was sad to see the display was slightly faded on the left side of the screen. The amount of "good pixels" was initially well over half the screen. I noticed that the problem seemed to get better as I was playing with it (the amount of "good pixels" would grow). I then took it apart and looked around, but didn't do anything (the display doesn't appear to be accessible at all). When I turned it back on after putting it back together, the problem was worse (nearly all of the screen faded), but got better as it "warmed up". Only to a point though - the far left was still dim.

I left it overnight in standby mode, and today the display is completely gone.

It still plays great.

Anyone ever changed out a display on an SB3 before? I'm not much at soldering but would give it a shot if I could find a replacement display. Which leads me to my next question, anyone have an SB3 I could salvage for parts (with a screen that is still believed to work)?

I think unfortunately I now have another SB receiver unit...