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    Wired network for Transporter & Ready NAS Duo

    I use my Duo for SlimServer duties. Currently it resided on my home wireless network.

    I'd like to setup a wired network with the Duo, and Transporter. Can I buy a switch to link the two together? Or a router, and not hook the router to the cable modem?My thought is that I can hook my PC up to the switch/router when I need to transfer new tunes to the Duo.

    Switches are cheaper than routers. I'd like to go that direction

    I'm having connectivity issues with a busy wireless network and interference, hoping that a secluded wired network will reduce issues.

    Would my above solution work?

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    I presume by your comments you already have a wireless router as your home network.
    If yes, then a simple wired switch should work fine.

    From one of your routers LAN ports just run a cable to the Switch, then as many cables from the switch to your devices.

    One thing to be careful of is that there are Switches and Hub/Switch combos. A simple Switch has no designated "input" port for the cable coming from your router. A Hub has such a designated "input" port. A Hub can be used as a simple Switch by just not using this "input" port.

    I ran into the Hub issue long ago giving me very erratic connection & DNS issues with several devices. Not using the "input" port on my Hub/Switch (now making it a Switch) solved all my connection issues and has worked flawlessly ever since.

    A word of advice: Buy a bigger Switch than you think you currently need. You may just need a simple 4 port Switch right now, but going to a 6 port or 8 port Switch would not cost that much more. More room to grow and keep in mind that one of the Switch's ports will be needed for the input cable.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, the solution with a wired switch should work fine.

    As prices are very low I would recommend a Gigabit Switch with minimum 5 or 8 ports. Most PCs, Laptops and NAS support Gigabit (its about 125 MB/s against max. 12,5 MB/s with Fast-Ethernet).

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    Agree on the gigabit switch recommendation. I use:

    D-Link DGS-2208 8-Port 10/100/1000 Desktop Switch

    I notice that amazon.com has this currently priced at $47

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