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    Quote Originally Posted by Huit View Post
    What I really want is being able to create a random mix from my favourite tracks.
    Then, like snarlydwarf said, what you really need are Erland's plugins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huit View Post
    Is this plug in something else then the allready available Random Mix option? Because with that I can't generate a random mix from favourite tracks or a playlist. Generating a random mix from favourite tracks is actually what I want.
    Yes, it can make a random list based on Genre, so if you tag things specially it will do it.

    But in general, Erland's plugins are the bees knees: here at work I'm listening to a playlist that specifically excludes tags with 'Explicit' or 'Christmas' or a couple other genres I dont want here...

    I also have a 'Favorites' list which is made up of things with ratings at 4 or more stars, so things I have flagged will play in that.

    I hate making playlists. Too much thinking. MUCH easier to let the computer do the work and create them on the fly.

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    Thanks for the help guys! I'll give Erland's plugins a try.

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    Did a search and this came up. Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else.

    I think this is the only featur I have been missing over the years. A shuffle button next to the Play button.

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    In this case it's a Spotty playlist saved as a favorit.

    Another example, a shuffle button to play all songs by artist in a random order.

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    The problem for me is that I keep forgetting to turn Random mix of then playing an album.
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