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    Squeezeslave not starting: Missing Audio Device

    Hey Everyone,

    after successfully installing the vortexbox 1.0 on my older centrino-notebook (medion 42200) everything but the audio-output works fine.

    Squeezeslave isn't starting by default and the commend "service squeezeslave status" reports s.th. like service not startet.
    "service squeezeslave start" has as result, that there is no audio-device. I have been searching for drivers for this notebook that might be suitable for fedora a lot but couldn't find anything.

    Does anyone know a command to test/configure the hardware in fedora with/without a GUI? i am linux-newbie and all my trying so far didn't get me further than knowing that squeezeslave doesn't start because of an missing/disabled audio device

    thanks in advance for any replies

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    squeezeslave -L will list the available audio devices.
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