By the way Richard, you have created a truly unique application. Good
bye Winamp!!!


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To use Softsqueeze remotely you need to open port 9000 and port 3483 on
firewall, or use ssh tunnelling (this is recommended for security).
buffering and the desire to sync with a hardware player were the main
reasons I started developing Softsqueeze .


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I noticed your article on softsqueeze in regards to at Mac. I do not
have a squeezebox. I too am trying to get the Softsqueeze to function
from work to my server (all windows environment, not MAC) I have running
at home. Softsqueeze GUI works just fine there from several machines I
have throughout my home. I do have a router as well. I have a
192.168.X.X address on my machine here at work (XP Pro box) I have
softsqueeze installed at work by clicking on the
http://my.ip.address:9000/html/softs.../webstart.html link in my
browser. When I get to the point of finally putting in my home ip of
the router and click "ok" it just sits there trying to connect. What am
I missing here. I am not trying to use SSH tunneling. Do I still have
to forward port 22 thru on my router to the inside server to make the
final connection.

The other thing that is funny is I can get it to work thru "Winamp" from
my machine here at work just not softsqueeze. Winamp's infernal
"buffering" is driving me crazy so this is another reason I am trying to
get softsqueeze to work instead. Plus I like the fact I can forward to
the next track, get a playlist, etc... which you can not do with Winamp.

Hopefully I have explained all of this correctly,

I look forward to your response....