I just bought second-hand a Squeezebox3 (firmware 130), which connects to
mysqueezebox.com using its previous owner's account (I can see his email in the mysqueezebox.com Information menu)

I would like to connect it instead to my own, newly created mysqueezebox.com account, but for the life of me, I cannot seem to find a way to log out and back in with different credentials.

I have performed a factory reset a few times, but the previous owner's email is still there.

In the Squeezebox Server settings (accessed through the browser's interface), under the mysqueezebox.com tab, I have inserted my own email & password, then did another factory reset on the squeezebox, connected it to the local server, back to mysqueezebox.com, and so on and so forth. I just cannot get my own email to show in the mysqueezebox.com settings in the squeezebox itself.

The Owner's Guide appears to be outdated (even the one that can be currently downloaded from from logitech's website). In it, there is a mention of a PIN needed to register the unit on the SqueezeNetwork and how to retrieve it if needed, but the menu option is simply not there, and I'm not even sure whether this is still relevant.

I have spent hours googling in search of clues (by the way, has anyone noticed that the official support email form link at the mysqueezebox.com site does not link anywhere at all?!)

Can anyone please help out?

Thanks a lot in advance